IFAC International Conference on International Stability, Technology and Culture TECIS 2016

October 26-28, 2016

Durrës, Albania

IFAC International Conference on International Stability, Technology and Culture TECIS 2016

Invitation to TECIS 2016:

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the TECIS 2016, which aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia to give an overview of the state of the art, to present new research results and to exchange ideas and experiences in the field of international stability.

Meeting Scope and Objectives:

Technology development leads to dramatic changes in international stability. It has never been so important to examine system stability. Currently and during the recent years social international and national systems of control have been shown to be inadequate and prone to be fundamental and most basic instable. Many basic assumptions are no longer certain and are definitely questioned. This event will systematically examine these topics. Another goal of the TECIS conference is to propose new approaches in dealing with globalization effects, as studying complexity and knowledge management.


The scope of the conference will cover but is not limited to:

  • Control and Automation to Improve Stability
  • Social Networks
  • Managing the Introduction of Technological Change to Improve Stability
  • Technology in Post-conflict Regions
  • Enterprise Integration and Networking, Software
  • Cost Oriented Automation:
  • SME-oriented Automation
  • Decision Support Systems for SME’s
  • Semi-Automated Assembly and Disassembly (EoL)
  • Efficient Use of Intelligent Machinery
  • Intelligent Systems and Applications
  • Cost Effective Operation and Maintenance
  • Mechatronic Systems and Robotics
  • Retrofitting of Automation Devices
  • Engineering Ethics
  • Tele-medical Systems
  • Cross-cultural Aspects of Engineering
  • Control & Political Stability
  • Models & Simulation
  • Sustainable Design and Control


UBT College for Business and Technology, Prishtina
Vienna University of Technology, IHRT


International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC)
IFAC TC 9.5 Technology, Culture and International Stability

Techincal Co-sponsors:

IFAC TC 4.2. Mechatronic Systems
IFAC TC 4.3. Robotics
IFAC TC 7.5. Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles
IFAC TC 9.1. Economic, Business, and Financial Systems
IFAC TC 9.2 Social Impact of Automation
IFAC TC 9.4 Control Education
Federation of European Simulation Societies – EUROSIM